MDRT Top of the Table - Qualifying & Life Member 2023


After graduating with 2nd class (upper) honors in Civil and Structural Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in 1999, Alex Chong joined a contractor firm. However, the long working hours, complex working environment and office politics were not aligned with his long-term aspirations. This steered him to join the insurance industry for better prospects in 2001.

This pivotal career change taught Alex a valuable life lesson – academic success does not guarantee professional success. Despite going through challenges, Alex remained resolute in pursuing his dreams. He actively sought opportunities to acquire new skills, adapt to changing circumstances, and sought guidance from experienced senior consultants and colleagues who had excelled in the industry.

Today, Alex has emerged as a highly accomplished professional, earning numerous accolades and club qualifications, which include the Qualifying and Life status of Top of the Table (TOT) in 2023, 4-time Court of the Table (2019-2022), 6-time Pinnacle leader (2018-2023), 10-time Centurion member (2012-2021), and 4-time International Dragon Award (IDA) qualifier (2019-2022). His leadership skills were exemplified when he successfully guided his team to be ranked among the top five new Financial Services Directors in 2022.

Alex is a strong believer of fostering success through building up Centers of Influence (COI). Ever since he moved up as an agency leader in 2016, he was invited by numerous organisations including insurer from overseas to deliver his sharing on how to leverage on COI to grow referrals.

Alex lives by this motto, "Creating Values, Impacting Lives". He often leads his team to do charity works whenever possible to give back to the society. He is also a member of AIA ALMA EXCO committee and dedicated himself for life operations and product developments of the company.

On a personal level, Alex maintains a healthy work-life balance. He plays badminton two to three times a week and nurtures his passion for photography. He dedicates his weekends to spending quality time with his family over lunch and dinner. Alex is a firm believer of the MDRT's Whole Person concept and the ability to juggle his personal life and work has earned him a nickname "Superman". His hard work, resilience, humbleness and selflessness have brought him to where he is today.

Alex is very grateful to ACTeam, his colleagues, ALMA leaders, ADC leaders, AIA management and his wife for their unwavering support.


  • MDRT District 2023
  • Pinnacle District 2023
  • Prestige Club Member 2023
  • MDRT Top of the Table - Qualifying & Life Member 2023
  • Associate Financial Consultant (AFC®)

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