MDRT Top of the Table - Life Member 2021
35 Years MDRT member
33 Years Top of the Table
You must first master the path you need to walk before you can walk the path you desire for your life. 必须走的路要先走好才能走人生想要走的路.


A legend in the financial industry, Mary Chen has an illustrious career spanning 39 years with AIA. She is a 35-year Qualifying and Life Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) member and has qualified for the most prestigious Top of the Table (TOT) honour for 33 years. Success is a habit for Mary as she continuously strives to qualify for TOT every year.

Mary chose to adopt a strict discipline in her daily routines – sleeping and waking up early to ensure she makes the most out of her day. She keeps daily records of the things she needs to do and people she needs to meet. In the past, she challenged herself daily to do seven activities related to her career to make sure no opportunities will slip by. It is this consistent routine that built her resilience.

"You must first master the path you need to walk before you can walk the path you desire for your life. 必须走的路要先走好才能走人生想要走的路".

A valuable piece of advice that Mary shares with her fellow consultants. She hopes that they will find a lifestyle that suits them, which can become good habits, resulting in success for them.

In her first autobiography, “Insights of Life” (回到初心), Mary shared her life experiences; the good, the bad, the sweet and bitter lessons she encountered and how it led her to become who she is today. Attitude, habits, and character determine our beliefs, and it is this strong belief that has brought her groundbreaking records in the insurance industry since 1982.


  • AIA Group MDRT Leader 2021 (Gold Award)
  • MDRT District 2021 (Sapphire Award) & 2020
  • Pinnacle District 2021
  • Prestige Club Member 2021
  • MDRT Top of the Table - Life Member 2021
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 2019
  • Asia Trusted Life Agents and Advisers Award: Inspirational Agent/Leader of the Year 2016
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®)

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