Brandon left a promising banking career in 2018 because he wanted to give his best to his clients and provide them with the highest standards of holistic financial planning services. AIA is the place that allows him to devote himself as he develops his dependable and ever-constant presence in every stage of his clients’ lives for the past three years.

Brandon’s decision is proven to be a right one when he qualified for the coveted Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) status every year since he joined the company and even achieved his first Court of the Table in 2021. Most notably, he emerged as the 7th runner-up Financial Services Consultant in 2020 during the pandemic, which was arguably one of the toughest and unprecedented crises our modern world has seen. These recognitions are a strong testament to Brandon’s unwavering dedication to serving his clients with utmost care and professionalism.

Being well-known for his unique brand of sincerity and attentiveness to small details, Brandon believes in placing his clients first and making a difference in their lives. He treasures the opportunity to connect and understand his clients’ needs deeply and intimately. Many of his clients are touched by his level of service proficiency and have since reciprocated by opening their homes and hearts to him.


  • 7th Runner Up Financial Services Consultant 2020
  • Centurion Member 2021
  • Prestige Club Member 2021
  • MDRT Court of the Table - Qualifying Member 2021
  • Associate Wealth Planner (AWPCM)
  • Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®)
  • IBF Qualified in Private Banking & Wealth Management (Certified Private Banker Level 1 in Relationship & Sales Management)

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