6th Runner Up FSAD 2022
MDRT Qualifying Member 2023


Fadhuli Yusoff’s success story is indeed an inspiration to many. He believes that it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment to excel in any field, especially in the competitive and challenging field of insurance.

When Fadhuli was a fresh graduate, he had a clear vision of his career goals and worked tirelessly towards achieving them. His ability to consistently achieve the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), MDRT Agency, Pinnacle Gold Agency, and Club Zenith Qualifier is a testament to his perseverance, determination, and focus.

Fadhuli's leadership skills are also worth noting. In 2022, he was awarded the 6th Runner Up Top Financial Services Associate Director (FSAD). This demonstrates his ability to inspire and motivate his team members towards a common goal.

Fadhuli’s love for sports has taught him the importance of strategy, discipline, teamwork, and hard work, which has helped him build and lead a successful team. He understands the importance of pushing oneself to new limits, overcoming challenges, achieving goals, and celebrating success together as a team.

Fadhuli is also grateful for the support and guidance he has received from his family, loyal clients, colleagues and his agency. He attributes his continuous success to Allah, the support of his loved ones, and the selfless contribution of his agency.

As a mentor, Fadhuli is committed to helping his consultants achieve their goals and reach their full potential. He is proud of his team's hard work and appreciates their trust in his leadership, which has enabled him to continue inspiring and guiding them towards success.

Fadhuli believes that hard work and persistence are the key ingredients of success. While natural talent may provide an initial advantage, hard work and dedication can often help bridge the gap and enable individuals to achieve their goals.


  • 6th Runner Up Financial Services Associate Director 2022
  • MDRT Agency 2023
  • Hall of Honour 2023
  • Pinnacle Gold Agency 2023
  • Club Zenith Member 2023
  • MDRT Qualifying Member 2023
  • Certified Affluent Wealth Adviser
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Specialisation in Maritime Transportation Management)

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