About JT GOH

"Work with Mission, Serve with Passion" is the ethos of JT Goh.

JT believes in putting his clients first and maintaining a high level of work professionalism. He always helps his clients to identify problems that they might not be aware of and provide them with the best possible solutions for their unique situations.

As a Financial Services Associate Director in AIA, JT enjoys developing meaningful relationships with his team members so that he can encourage and inspire them to reach their full potentials, magnify and work on their respective strengths. He believes that having a good team culture is the foundation to develop a team's growth. JT aspires to maintain a conducive and selfless environment for his team so that they can empower one another to pursue optimum growth.


  • 2nd Runner Up Financial Services Associate Director 2021
  • 7th Runner Up Financial Services Associate Director 2020
  • Pinnacle Agency 2022

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