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8th Runner Up Top FSD
MDRT COT Qualifying Member


Passionate about helping people to achieve their wealth aspirations and safeguarding their well-being, Juanna joined AIA Singapore in 1996 to fulfil her dream of enabling others to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives. Since embarking into the financial services industry, Juanna has attained remarkable accomplishments. Among these accolades are the esteemed Young Hall of Fame and the Court of the Table awards, testament to her commitment in building enduring relationships with customers, journeying with them through their wealth and well-being aspirations.

At SP-Gaby, Juanna leads a dynamic team of nearly 50 associates, a group characterised by their youthful vigor and promising talents in the industry. Under her guidance, the team is focused on curating new pathways to elevate SP-Gaby to unparalleled heights, while ensuring its sustainability and leadership. Infused with fresh ideas and boundless energy, her team is also guided alongside experienced senior members. Devoting to a people-first mandate, Juanna leads her team by cultivating a nurturing ecosystem, mentoring their progress and providing trainings to continually upskill, setting a foundation for a thriving future.

As a result of her leadership to uplifting her team, they have been consistently ranked within AIA Singapore’s top 10 agencies. She has also guided them to achieving notable accolades such as becoming the TOP Financial Services Manager and TOP Recruiter. Their success streak continued with securing three top positions within the Leaders of Insurance Group (LIG) across various categories, showcasing their team's unparalleled prowess.

In her stride towards succession planning, Juanna is humbled that her two children have also joined her in this fulfilling profession. This transition embodies her vision for empowering the younger generation to carve their path, stand resilient, and embrace this noble career with pride. Together, Juanna and her family is focused on contributing meaningfully to the lives of people, bringing forth the crucial role of insurance in today’s unprecedented world.

SP-Gaby’s trajectory is defined by innovation, growth, and excellence, spearheaded by Juanna’s forward-looking vision. Her expertise in catering to high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients, coupled with a robust embrace of technology and social responsibility, sets a precedent for professional firms navigating through changing tides. Her active participation in community service further underlines the essence of leadership that transcends professional achievements.

Juanna’s tenure as a representative of AIA Singapore, is more than a career; it’s a legacy of innovative leadership, continual personal and professional development, and an unwavering dedication to making a difference in people’s lives and the broader community.


  • 8th Runner-Up: Top Financial Services Director 2023
  • Pinnacle Gold District
  • Personal Wealth Manager
  • High Net Worth District Director
  • COT
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (CHFC)
  • Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)

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