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Despite going through many crises in Singapore, Pauline Lee managed to survive all of them ever since she started her career with AIA in the nineties.

This sheer grit and resilience saw her qualify for both the elite AIA Centurion Club and Million Dollar Round Table for 27 and 28 consecutive years respectively. Pauline believes that we are responsible for the goals that we set, and she takes pride to be able to fulfil her main goal which is to qualify as an AIA Centurion member every year.

Pauline stresses that speed is the key factor to providing good customer service to our clients. Be it processing a claim or making a change, it is important that we attend to them as fast as we could.

What keeps her motivated all these years is the ability to help her clients during their difficult times. The 29-year veteran Financial Services Consultant shares the true meaning of her career is not just about selling and servicing our clients but helping them make a financial pay-out when they most needed it. She is thankful for her manager, who is also her mentor, Regina Lee, for introducing this meaningful career to her.

On her personal time, Pauline loves to embark on an international cruise journey where she gets to dress up for many special formal occasions.


  • Centurion Member 2022
  • Prestige Club Qualifier 2022
  • MDRT Court of the Table - Qualifying & Life Member 2022
  • Diploma in Life Insurance (Dip SCI (LI))

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