Being awarded as the Top Financial Services Manager for two consecutive years (2020 and 2021), Png Weileen believes that there is no magic pill to success.

Instead, it is these three key attributes – having the right people around, constantly have a learn-it-all mindset and always be prepared for a long journey – that have helped Weileen reach where she is today.

Weileen believes in the importance of being surrounded with the right people because they will emit good vibes and inspire others.

The second key to high performance at work is to be open to new things and learn new things to broaden your horizons and promote innovation. Some suggestions would be to read books, talk to people, or try to answer the difficult questions instead of avoiding them.

Lastly, Weileen advises that we should be prepared for a marathon as the road to success is long, difficult and could be full of obstacles. That is why it is important to adopt a never-say-die attitude and be persistent.

Practicing what she preaches, Weileen leads her team in embracing technology to continue to adapt and grow their skills to be in line with the rapidly changing demands of their business. She urges all consultants to make use of AIA’s resources and knowledge sharing systems to stay ahead of the pack.

Weileen attributes her success and achievements to RTP Organisation, her dedicated team of FSCs and the visionary leadership of her District Director, Mr Martin Toh, who believes that the best way to make a positive impact on the clients’ lives is defined by the good quality of work delivered by the consultants.

Kudos to Weileen and her team! We hope they continue to grow and achieve even more stellar years ahead!


  • 5th Runner Up Financial Services Manager 2022
  • MDRT Agency 2023
  • Pinnacle Agency 2023

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