9th Runner Up FSM 2022
MDRT COT Qualifying Member 2023


Named as the "small girl with big dreams" ever since she started her career in December 2014, Sally Wong has never stopped dreaming big even after she has moved up into the leadership role, from being a Financial Services Manager (FSM) to a Financial Services Associate Director (FSAD).

Leading a team of 9 associates now, her proudest moment was grooming 7 Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) members, including 3 of her own associates and 4 MDRT mentees. Even though she has achieved her third consecutive Court of the Table (COT), Sally is still pushing for another breakthrough this year, alongside with her team.

The biggest factor that contributes to her achievements is staying resilient in all adversities, emerging stronger than yesterday.

She is extremely grateful to everyone whom she has crossed paths with in her career - her clients and all the associates in Virtus Associates. And specially to her mentors, Trent, Charles, Elsepth and her agency – SP-SALLYWONG. She is deeply grateful to her family for their encouragement in all ways and the management staff of AIA for their support.

Always encouraging her peers to aim for the sky, Sally lives by the quote, "If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”


  • 9th Runner Up Financial Services Manager 2022
  • MDRT Agency 2023
  • Centurion Member 2023
  • Pinnacle Gold Agency 2023
  • Prestige Club Member 2023
  • MDRT Court of the Table - Qualifying Member 2023
  • International Dragon Awards 2023 – Silver Dragon Award
  • Associate Wealth Planner (AWP)

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