Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. - Warren Bennis 


4th Runner Up Top FSD
MDRT COT Qualifying Member


Trent, the innovative mind behind Virtus Associates, has carved a distinctive path in the financial services sector, transforming it into a beacon of excellence in Asia. His journey over a decade mirrors a relentless pursuit of perfection, leading a formidable team of 70 adept advisors towards unprecedented heights of professional service. Trent's unique approach to wealth management and succession planning, deeply infused with his passion for music and entrepreneurship, sets Virtus Associates apart in a class of its own.

His specialisation in the complex domains of business and family wealth succession has earned him widespread admiration. Trent’s strategic guidance and deep insights navigate these critical areas with unmatched expertise. It’s this blend of creative passion and entrepreneurial spirit that underpins his innovative strategies, making him a revered figure in financial circles.

Trent’s commitment to financial excellence goes hand in hand with his love for music, reflecting a leadership style that’s as multifaceted as it is effective. This duality not only defines his professional ethos but also enriches the culture within Virtus Associates, fostering an environment where creativity and strategic financial planning thrive in harmony.

Under Trent’s visionary leadership, Virtus Associates has become synonymous with pioneering approaches to financial advising. His ability to intertwine his love for music with his entrepreneurial ventures has not only sculpted a unique identity for Virtus Associates but has also redefined the standards of excellence in the financial advisory landscape.

In Trent, we see more than just a financial advisor; we see a trailblazer who continues to inspire with his dedication to innovation, excellence, and a genuine commitment to enriching the lives of those he serves. His story is a compelling testament to the power of combining one’s passions with professional pursuits to forge a path that is both rewarding and impactful.


  • 4th Runner-Up: Top Financial Services Director 2023
  • Pinnacle Platinum District
  • Personal Wealth Manager
  • High Net Worth District Director
  • COT
  • Singapore Management Awards - Diamond Group
  • CIA500
  • Associate Wealth Planning (AWP)
  • Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®)

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