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"You will never be a true advisor till the day you process a successful claim."

This was shared to Val Wong when she first joined the insurance industry 11 years ago. She did not understand the true meaning of it until the day that she successfully assisted a S$1 million hospitalisation claim for one of her deeply respected clients. When her client and her family knew that she would receive the best treatments without having to fret over the hospital bills, the gratitude in their eyes till date is a constant reminder for Val – that her job allows her to have the ability to help and save families from difficult situations.

Financial planning is a broad subject while having to take into consideration the different needs and perspectives. "How can I value-add to you today?" is a question that Val will always pose to people whom she met. The biggest key driver for her is to be able to assist and go through the tough times with her clients and celebrate their achievements and milestones with them.

"To be able to run fast, run alone. To be able to run far, run with a team."

This quote may sound simple, but Val has taken years to understand the true meaning of this philosophy. She credits her success to her amazing team, which consists of her family, parents, leader, fellow colleagues, and not forgetting her husband and two daughters, who are always behind her back, trusting her ability and rooting for her.

In her free time, Val usually spends time in her kitchen, coming up with new recipes. "Live to Eat" is one of her favourite quotes. Good food always comes with great companion and ends with laughter. She enjoys the smiles and pleasure, just like how her clients enjoy their joyous experiences with her.

After many years in this industry, Val realises that to be able to outperform and provide quality advisory services to her clients, “Clarity” is an important factor. Assisting clients in gaining “clarity” in life, in terms of career choices, families and finances, allows her to take care of their health and wealth beings.

Moving forward, she would like to educate young children on the importance of managing their finance daily, which is never taught in school. Val firmly believes that education is the root to all solutions. When the children are taught well in finance management, they will also be able to make better decisions in life.


  • Centurion Member 2022
  • Prestige Club Qualifier 2022
  • MDRT Court of the Table - Qualifying Member 2022
  • Certified Private Banker Level 2 - Market Specialist
  • Certificate of Achievement - Integrating Insurance
  • Investment and Wealth Planning Solutions into the Client Advisory Process
  • IBF Advanced (Level 2)

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