Making Life Better. Believes in doing what is necessary to help others fulfill their potential. 


2nd Runner Up Top FSD 2023


Victor's illustrious career in the insurance industry is a testament to his unwavering commitment, leadership excellence, and continual pursuit of growth. With a career spanning nearly four decades, Victor began his journey as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC), steadily climbing the ranks through sheer determination and hard work. Today, as an agency leader, he stands at the helm of a team comprising 10 managers and 80 agents, guiding them towards excellence and innovation in client service.

Recognised for his leadership prowess, Victor's journey is adorned with numerous accolades including Top Agency Awards, Top High Net Worth District, Hall of Honour, Hall of Fame, and the prestigious Pinnacle District recognition. These awards are not just a reflection of his success but underscore his dedication to setting high standards within the industry. Victor’s commitment to continuous learning is evident through his pursuit of professional certifications such as CMFA & CIAM, ensuring he and his team remain at the forefront of industry developments.

Innovation is at the core of Victor's approach to leadership. He introduced ground-breaking workshops like Enneagram and Story-Seeker, aimed at enhancing the professional capabilities of his team. These initiatives not only foster personal growth but also contribute significantly to the collective success of the agency, reinforcing a culture of continuous improvement.

Victor's personal philosophy, "Making Life Better," mirrors his dedication to empowering others. Beyond his professional achievements, Victor finds solace and expression in music & sports. He spends his leisure time writing and singing songs, playing the guitar & soccer while sharing his knowledge through music lessons. This artistic pursuit complements his professional ethos, embodying the holistic approach he adopts towards life and leadership.

In guiding his team to new heights, Victor remains a beacon of inspiration within AIA Singapore. His journey exemplifies a balance between achieving professional milestones and personal fulfilment, demonstrating that success is multifaceted. Victor’s legacy is not only marked by the awards and accolades but also by the positive impact he has on those around him, truly embodying the spirit of "Making Life Better."


  • 2nd Runner-Up: Top Financial Services Director 2023
  • Pinnacle Platinum District
  • High Net Worth District Director
  • Master District Director
  • IBF Advanced Level 3 Financial Planning SMA 2023 Diamond (Group) - Singapore Management Awards
  • FSMA
  • Chartered Insurance Agency Manager (CIAM)
  • Chartered Manager of Financial Advisors (CMFA)
  • Certified Legasy Planner Associate (CLPA)
  • Accredited Enneagram Coach

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