"Always try your best so that you can live without regrets. 静心,才不浮躁。尽力,才不后悔。"

This is a motto that Xu LingYun lives by and it is this simple belief which saw her rank constantly in the Top 10 Financial Services Associate Directors Leaderboard for the past eight years.

LingYun joined the insurance industry in 2004. Driven by her passion to protect the lives of her clients, she has decided to lead a team of like-minded individuals in 2007.

With her knack for leadership, this 8-time Pinnacle leader has groomed many MDRT producers, and her agency has also contributed to the district's High Net Worth achievements.

On top of her leadership role, LingYun always strives to achieve her goals by providing extra values in everything she does and being the reliable Financial Services Consultant that her clients can turn to for help.


  • 9th Runner Up Financial Services Associate Director 2021
  • 8th Runner Up Financial Services Associate Director 2020
  • AIA Group MDRT Leader 2021 (Gold Award)
  • MDRT Agency 2022 & 2021 (Ruby Award)

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