Top Financial Services Associate Director 2023
Your time is limited, don't waste it living someone else’s life!
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Berlinda stays motivated by setting specific, achievable goals, creating a roadmap that transforms dreams into tangible milestones. Celebrating each victory, no matter its size, acts as a constant reminder of her progress, fuelling her motivational fire.

Berlinda believes that surrounding herself with positive influences - be it supportive colleagues, friends or inspirational content - cultivates a mindset that views challenges as opportunities for growth. Her resilience and adaptability, honed through overcoming setbacks, are crucial to navigating the journey towards her aspirations.

For Berlinda, motivation is a daily choice - a deliberate effort to align her actions with her ambitions. She recognises that setbacks are but temporary hurdles, and that success is defined by perseverance, self-belief and an unwavering commitment to personal growth.

Berlinda expresses her heartfelt thanks to her team, family and her life and work partner, Kenneth Thng, whose unwavering love and support have been pivotal in making her dream a reality.

Heartfelt congratulations Berlinda on your success as the Top Financial Services Associate Director! We celebrate your achievements with you and look forward to seeing you continue to evolve towards excellence.



  • Top Financial Services Associate Director 2023
  • Pinnacle Gold Agency
  • Club Zenith

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