Top Group Financial Services Director 2020
To be able to stand out to have a unique identity, the consultants of today need to build a strong brand presence, basing on their personality, scope of knowledge and specialisation.

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“You have to understand your customers’ needs and concerns and walk the financial journey with them to bring joy to their hearts and peace to their minds.”

It is this simple but steadfast belief that has brought David Ong enduring success on his journey with AIA over the last 3 decades.

Kudos to David for being our two-time Top Group Financial Services Director award winner (2019 and 2020), 16-time Top FSD and 26-time Pinnacle Leader. It is a remarkable achievement and further testament to his professionalism and dedication.

And as we move into a digital era where information is readily available at the click of a button, David recognises that the financial advisor of today can no longer simply be a generalist.

“Find your niche and build a strong brand presence, based on your personality, scope of knowledge and specialisation. And this will become your unique service identity.”

He believes in constantly learning, always arming ourselves with more knowledge and most importantly, being genuine and sincere in all our engagements with the customers.

We thank David for his stellar example and wish him many more years of record-breaking success and achievements.



  • Top Group Financial Services Director 2020 & 2019
  • 1st Runner Up Financial Services Director 2020
  • Prestige Club - Top Financial Services Director 2020
  • Top Financial Services Director 2019
  • AIA Group MDRT Leader 2021 (Gold Award)
  • MDRT District 2021 (Emerald Award) & 2020
  • Pinnacle Platinum District 2021
  • Prestige Club Member 2021
  • Prestige Club High Net Worth District 2021
  • Master Club Zenith Member 2021

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