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If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.
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As a leader, Edan has embraced the challenges and opportunities that come with steering teams toward collective success. His leadership philosophy revolves around fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, recognising it as crucial to achieving organisational goals.

Effective leadership, according to Edan, hinges on transparent and open communication within the team. Regular dialogues and a commitment to active listening have nurtured an environment where ideas thrive and challenges are addressed collectively. By promoting a culture of feedback, Edan has cultivated a dynamic team that adapts swiftly to change and relentlessly pursues excellence.

One of the most gratifying aspects of Edan's leadership role is witnessing the professional growth of his team members. He firmly believes in investing not only in the success of the organisation but also in the individual development of its members.

While leading the insurance industry presents challenges, it is the capability to turn these challenges into opportunities that distinguishes a truly successful leader. Edan views setbacks as opportunities for growth. Each experience serves as a lesson in strengthening his team's strategies moving forward.

Edan credits his success to the guidance and mentorship of Ms Evelyn Chung and Mr Jerald Tan, as well as the dedication of his team members who have journeyed alongside him. Together, they have navigated uncertainties, celebrated victories and forged a legacy of excellence.

Congratulations to Edan for blazing a path of success and inspiring countless financial advisors to reach new heights!



  • Top Financial Services Manager 2023
  • Pinnacle Platinum Agency

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