Top New Financial Services Director 2022
Embracing self-leadership to illuminate the way for others.

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Leadership, influence, and passion are essential values that helped Jazlyn Koh's organisation achieve its goals. These values foster a culture of growth, empowerment, and excellence. As a leader, Jazlyn is always thankful to her boss, Christopher Ong, for having a grand vision of protecting 100,000 families and establishing a right platform for everyone to thrive in. The consultants in the organisation embody these values and believe in self-leadership.

To Jazlyn, self-leadership always precedes leading others. It is about being responsible for oneself before others and involves taking ownership of one's life, including words, actions, and goals.

Self-leadership requires understanding the importance of being accountable for one’s personal growth and development, setting personal and professional goals, and striving to achieve them.

Jazlyn's win as the Top New Financial Services Director comes from her team's hard work and dedication. She is grateful to every single member for their efforts, no matter how small, that contributed to their collective success. She considers herself truly blessed by God to have such an incredible team.

Congratulations Jazlyn, on your outstanding accomplishment. Continue to illuminate the path to success for others!



  • Top New Financial Services Director 2022
  • MDRT District 2023
  • Young Hall of Fame 2023
  • Pinnacle District 2023
  • Prestige Club High Net Worth District 2023

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