Top Financial Services Manager 2020
You will find yourself achieving more when you are happy or surround yourself with positive people, showing gratitude to others, celebrating small wins.

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Png Weileen & Agency (SP-WEILEEN-MARTINTOH)

About Weileen

Having the right ABCs - attitude, behaviour and commitment, are the keys to success for Png Weileen.

It was this strong mindset and perseverance that has seen her grow progressively from 4th runner up FSM in 2018 to 2nd runner up FSM in 2019 to finally winning the Top Financial Services Manager in 2020.

She finds inspiration from seeing her team do well and that is why she surrounds herself with positive people who share the same ethos.

“I feel motivated when I see my fellow team members succeed and grow in their role as an FSC. As a team, we go through both the good and bad times, failures and success together. It is this bond that helps us to grow stronger.”

Recognising the importance of always looking up and moving forward, Weileen shows gratitude for the support she has received and believes in celebrating even the small wins because we achieve even more when we are positive and happy.

Thanking her director, Mr Martin Toh and RTP, she is grateful to them for creating a conducive work environment and an ecosystem for the team and her to thrive, be more efficient and productive.

Congratulations to Weileen for her award and wishing her more joy and wins in her journey ahead with AIA.



  • Top Financial Services Manager 2020
  • 1st Runner MDRT Agency 2020
  • 2nd Runner Up Financial Services Manager 2019
  • AIA Group MDRT Leader 2021 (Gold Award)
  • MDRT Agency 2021 (Ruby Award) & 2020
  • Pinnacle Agency 2021

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