Top Financial Services Associate Director 2022
Great leaders inspire greatness in others.


Top FSAD 2022
MDRT Qualifying Member 2023

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Charles Ting reflected on his last appearance on stage in 2015 and how that experience ignited his determination to become a leader in the financial services industry. Fast forward seven years later, he fulfilled his promise to become the Top Financial Services Associate Director.

Charles attributes his current success to the collaboration with his two managers, both of whom are MDRT and COT achievers, and who have inspired success in their consultants.

As a leader, Charles understands the importance of leading by example and setting a strong foundation and benchmark for his team members. He believes that achieving breakthrough performance starts with identifying goals and guiding his team members with empathy and integrity.

For Charles, true leadership is about helping others to improve and ensuring that their success lasts beyond their presence. He believes that success breeds success and that, by creating an ecosystem of success is essential for his team to thrive.

Congratulations Charles, you have turned the spark of 2015 into a blazing triumph! Keep lighting the way to greatness!



  • Top Financial Services Associate Director 2022
  • MDRT Agency 2023
  • Pinnacle Agency 2023
  • Million Dollar Club Platinum Member 2023
  • MDRT Qualifying Member 2023

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