Tuan Abdu Qayyim Bin Tuan Isa
Top Financial Services Director 2022
Transparency, trust, and teamwork – the foundation of our success at TAQWA.

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In 2013, Tuan Abdu Qayyim made a life-altering decision to establish TAQWA. Its purpose is to serve the community by providing financial literacy, a topic not commonly taught in school curriculums. Witnessing individuals struggling with debt and financial mismanagement fuelled his desire to serve the community even better.

This year marks his third consecutive win as the Top Financial Services Director, a testament to his leadership and the success of his team, the TAQWArriors.

Over the past decade, Qayyim has grown his team of TAQWArriors from 4 consultants to over 120 financial experts, making the district one of the leading financial services agencies in Singapore. His agency's mission is to create a stronger and more resilient society by empowering people to make sound financial decisions that positively impact their future.

Qayyim believes that establishing trust and respect are the foundation of any successful team, and he starts by promoting open communication within his team. Transparent leadership helps him identify his strengths and weaknesses, allowing him to focus on areas where he needs improvement. By being open about their struggles, leaders received constructive feedback from their team members, which in turn helped them develop and grow as a leader.

He fosters a safe environment where his team members feel comfortable expressing their thoughts during decision-making. He values their inputs and takes time to evaluate their perspectives, often making new suggestions that lead to higher levels of success.

Qayyim believes that presenting information and resources in a transparent and comprehensible manner demonstrates TAQWA's integrity and accountability regarding financial decisions, which builds trust and encourages community members to seek education from them. This allows both parties to make decisions aligned with their needs and priorities.

By having a shared purpose with his team to positively impact the community financially, Qayyim has successfully groomed multiple Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) agencies with 45 MDRT consultants and 1 Court of Table (COT) member in 2022. Qayyim firmly believes that his team's unwavering dedication and determination are key to their success. He aims to lead his group of TAQWArriors towards achieving even greater accomplishments in the future, believing that no challenge is insurmountable.

Congratulations Qayyim! Your unwavering commitment to transparency and community empowerment has cemented your place as the Top Financial Services Director 2022 – keep leading the TAQWArriors to even greater heights!



  • Top Financial Services Director 2022
  • Recruiter - Top Financial Services Director 2022 (District Level)
  • Top MDRT District 2022
  • Pinnacle Platinum District 2023
  • Prestige Club High Net Worth District 2023
  • Master Club Zenith Member 2023
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Business with Marketing Management

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