Top New Financial Services Associate Director 2022
Because of you, everyone is better.

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Before joining the financial services industry in 2015, Crystal Ng worked as a microbiologist. Her life took a turn when she met her mentor and director, Yuan Shyuan.

In her first year as a consultant, she qualified for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) membership, becoming one of the top consultants in her agency.

From the outset, Crystal believed in the paying it forward notion and set her career goal on progressing towards the management path. She accomplished that goal within two years. Since then, she has groomed many successful MDRT qualifiers.

Crystal's mentor told her that in this profession, dreams can become a reality if one allows oneself to be bolder and let go of self-imposed limitations. Despite the ups and downs of the journey, Crystal remains motivated by the belief that the power to determine the desired outcome lies within oneself, especially with the support and guidance from her team, Honeybees.

因为你, 大家更好. (Because of you, everyone is better.) Crystal attributes her success and achievements to the Honeybees’ emphasis on individual growth. Through constant reflection, solution-seeking, commitment and individual accountability, the team is able to overcome challenges and keep moving forward.

Crystal understands that the role of a consultant is to help the clients meet their goals of achieving financial security and peace of mind. As a team member, Crystal recognises that everyone has a role to play in creating a conducive environment for growth and nurturing. Guided by their core values of Gratitude, Open Communication, Teamwork, Discipline, Commitment to Growth, and Humility, the Honeybees strive to become better versions of themselves everyday.

For Crystal, joy and fulfilment come from seeing her consultants achieve their breakthroughs and witnessing their development. She is excited about the future and is confident that many others will blossom ahead.

Congratulations, Crystal, on your achievements, and keep the Honeybees buzzing towards greater success!



  • Top New Financial Services Associate Director 2022
  • MDRT Agency 2023
  • Pinnacle Agency 2023

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