Top New Financial Services Consultant 2020
Brace yourself when you are faced with strong resistance. Be patient and keep on striving and prospecting without fear and never give up easily when you are faced with rejection.


About Noorjannah

Congratulations to Noorjannah Binte Ramli on winning the Top New Financial Services Consultant (FSC) Award for 2020.

This 1st time Centurion and MDRT member has big dreams to make a difference in the Malay-Muslim community by raising awareness of financial literacy.

Noorjannah believes in fostering relationships with her clients so that she could connect beyond just discussing about finances. Her biggest strength is her genuine interest to really want to know and understand her clients or prospects.

And it’s a testament to Noorjannah’s hard work and professionalism that her clients share their lifestyle, financial habits and patterns with her without reservation. This trust allows her to delve into their world and always make the best recommendation for their needs.

“Have no fear and stay the course.”

This is the one piece of advice Noorjannah has for her fellow new consultants. She shares that the journey as an FSC isn’t always smooth sailing - learn to handle rejections and be patient when speaking to your prospects and clients because each person is different and all of them have their own needs and goals.

Noorjannah’s ultimate goal?

Always let her clients know that “I am just a hello away”, especially in their times of need.

Congratulations to Noorjannah on her achievement!


  • Top New Financial Services Consultant 2020
  • Centurion Member 2021
  • MDRT Qualifying Member 2021

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