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9th Runner Up Top FSD
MDRT COT Qualifying Member


Initially, Kelly did not see insurance as a career path; to her, it was merely a means to an end—a way to pay the bills, or as she put it, her "bread and butter." However, as she immersed herself in the industry, a transformation occurred. Kelly discovered a passion for insurance, recognising the profound impact it has on safeguarding people's futures and providing businesses with peace of mind. This realisation not only changed her perspective but also ignited a deep-seated love for the business, turning what was once a job into her passion.

Kelly's journey in the insurance world has been marked by her unwavering dedication to helping families protect their futures and businesses to rest easy, knowing they are covered. Her commitment to her clients and her role has been nothing short of extraordinary, demonstrating that genuine care and professional dedication can indeed make a significant difference in people's lives.

Her approach to insurance goes beyond transactions; it's about building relationships, understanding individual needs, and providing tailored solutions that truly make a difference. Kelly's passion for her work is infectious, inspiring her colleagues and clients alike. She has become a testament to the power of finding one's calling in unexpected places.

Now, when asked about her hobbies, Kelly proudly states that her business is her passion. This statement reflects a profound transformation from viewing insurance as just a job to embracing it as a vital service that impacts lives. Her story is a compelling narrative of growth, passion, and dedication in the insurance industry.

Kelly's journey from scepticism to passion in the insurance industry encapsulates the transformative power of finding purpose in one's work. Her dedication serves as an inspiration to both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the sector, proving that with passion, every challenge becomes an opportunity to make a meaningful difference.


  • 9th Runner-Up: Top Financial Services Director 2023
  • Pinnacle District
  • High Net Worth District Director
  • COT
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (CHFC)

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